Thursday, May 24, 2012

Such Is Life

So today I was the big, bad, ogre Mommy. Someone thought is was imperative that we make an exception to the family rule we made. Being not a member of the family this person thought it was totally okay to come up with a way around this rule. After all, it would be more fun, no one would be inconvenienced and things would just work out perfectly.
 I know the reasons that we made this particular rule. The consequences of breaking the rule are many. A rule that is broken can be broken again whenever someone has the opinion that it is necessary, right? Logical reasoning can always find a sufficient excuse for breaking something that is already broken.
But of course it was imperative that a decision be made time to have a family council to allow interested family members to present their ideas about how the rule could be altered, the parents to discuss and decide. So the rule stood, the grand plan and vision of the 3rd party was unrealized and I had a GREAT LIFE'S LESSON that flashed before me.
I don't have to be rushed into gratifying those urgent desires that arise. Satan wants us to feel we must compromise..and quickly. We must have IT now, we must be IT now, we must have IT ALL, and right now. ......but I don't have to , because I sacrificed to come here for the opportunity to think it over, to decide what it is I really want. I can and will reply, " I'll think it over and get back to you." I can respond quickly when called on to love others, to be kind, to do good. That feeling is not frantic, does not rush us into things, rather it impresses on our souls the truth and importance of the message. Confidence not confusion can be my companion.
Rules are made carefully......not to be broken.