Sunday, September 2, 2012


I've learned something.............. not that this is all that unusual. I do occasionally learn things and remember them for more than a few minutes. But this one is worth mentioning.
"God doesn't care if.........
my jam sets up,
my hair looks good when I go out,
my children have perfectly clean bedrooms, etc., etc.
..........unless I do."
He wants me to feel that I'm doing well. If I ask Him for help to make the jam set up or the  hair look good for a special night or to get the laundry caught up so that my kids don't look like orphans  or help them develop good habits with cleaning their rooms, He will bless me with what I need. But He loves me regardless of what I am getting done each day. He loves me no matter what. And as long as I am trying to do what I think I have to to deserve His love my heart is full of the fear of failure and I can't hear Him saying "It's okay, I love you already." I don't have to earn His love. I have it already. What He wants to give me is a heart full of His love to share with others, a heart to hear His voice and the happiness that life can bring when we realize that we don't have to prove that we are worth it, we just have to show that we are thankful for it, because , as you know ( or would if you ever read vinyl wall decals and baby cards),
Love Changes Everything.